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About AKET Bangladesh Limited


AKET Bangladesh Ltd. (AK Engineering & Technologies BD Ltd) which is one of the most important sources of the world in today's technology has understood all the needs and needs of the engineering sector.

Our company, which is fully customer oriented, Import Generator Set, all kinds of industrial chemical, Fire safety equipment, Domestic/Industrial LED light, Medical gas plant, Biomedical equipment, IT solution equipment & Others from UK, Turkey, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan & Germany with over so many countries Import network. Our company, which set off with the goal of fulfilling the demand within 24 hours, aims to be the leader company in Electrical, Electromechanical, Medical Equipment Services and other alternative Engineering sectors since 2012 ahead with its R & D studies in Bangladesh.

AKET consists of experienced persons, who have gathered experience from so many reputed National and International Organization to provide better services in Engineering Field.

Our Company's philosophy has always been focused on Customer satisfaction and will continue to be so, with uncompromising integrity.


AKET provides world renowned brand products for your needful any Electrical, Electromechanical. Medical Equipment, Generator Set, Substation, Fire Safety equipment, Medical Gas plant, Biomedical equipment etc. From design to after sales service, professionalism will always be visible in every step.

ÁKET has qualified & experienced engineers, technicians and related people to develop our regular business. We have all the necessary and testing equipment & tools to provide a top quality job. We always provided on time professional after sale services to our customers. These have placed our company as the leader in any kind of engineering sector.


AKET has built long term partnerships with different renowned national and multinational companies and organizations in various fields of specialization to work as associates, empowering it to meet the challenges of time successfully.


  1. 10 years professional experience of Management in the relevant field.

  2. Professional design & Consultation support.

  3. A group of dynamic business professionals blended with fresh graduates & widely experienced officials.

  4. Qualified & experienced engineers and technicians for National & Multinational service support.

We are not saying that, we're the best,
but we try to provide the highest service for your needs.