Low Power is not only efficient, but can also be expensive over the life of an electrical system. Improved power factor will increase the distribution system’s efficiency and reduce energy costs associated with low power factor penalties.

We provide effective PFI panel form 60KVAR to 1800KVAR.

Improving the PF can maximize current-carrying capacity, improve voltage to equipment, reduce power losses, and lower electric bills. The simplest way to improve power factor is to add PF correction capacitors to the electrical system. PF correction capacitors act as reactive current generators. They help offset the non-working power used by inductive loads, thereby improving the power factor. The interaction between PF capacitors and specialized equipment, such as variable speed drives, requires a well designed system.

PF correction capacitors can switch on every day when the inductive equipment starts. Switching a capacitor on can produce a very brief “over-voltage” condition.

If a customer has problems with variable speed drives turning themselves off due to “over-voltage” at roughly the same time every day, investigate the switching control sequence. If a customer complains about fuses blowing on some but not all, of their capacitors, check for harmonic currents.

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