Buildings are compartmentalized to delay the spread of fire from one area to  another. These compartments are usually linked by fire doors to allow the flow  of traffic around the building. Fire doors have two important functions in a fire;  when closed they form a barrier to stop the spread of fire and when opened they  provide a means of escape.

Smoke is one of the most deadly parts of a fire. When an individual inhales the gases that are produced by smoke it can limit the oxygen that the body takes in, causing a lot of damage and potentially becoming fatal. Fire doors are also very helpful in making sure that the spread of the smoke is as minimal as possible. 

Our fire doors come with a system that has a built-in smoke detector. This means that they’ll start the alarm early, before smoke reaches dangerous levels and eventually resulting in a blaze.

We’ve discussed how the fire door prevents the spread of fires and smoke from room to room. The advantage of this is that the occupants have plenty of time to evacuate the premise in a quick and safe manner. When you’re in a hurry you’re not always thinking straight, and this can lead to deadly mistakes. Fire doors are very helpful in ensuring that evacuation during a fire is safe and efficient.