An automatic sprinkler system is intended to detect, control and extinguish a fire and warn the occupants of occurrence of fire. The installation comprises firepump, water storage tanks, control valve sets, sprinkler heads, flow switches, pressure switches, pipework and valves. The system operates automatically without human intervention.

Each sprinkler head contains a glass bulb or a fusible link. The bulb contains a liquid and a quantity of vapor. The liquid expands under the influence of heat as do the fusible link heads. When the temperature reaches a certain level typically at 68 degree centigrade- it will expand the liquid and break the bulb or fusible link, which in turn releaseswaterdirectlyontotheseatofthefire.

The hot gases from a fire will make the sprinkler operate. A fire creates an arrow plume of hot air and gasses that rise to the ceiling and spread out. These hot gasses active the sprinkler head at the correct temperature.

Based on NFPA guidelines, a business that has a fire sprinkler system installed increases the likelihood that injuries to human lives will be avoided. Commercial fire sprinkler systems are effective since they typically activate quickly. This allows them to easily and efficiently control the fire. The deadliest part of a fire are the toxic fumes that are produced. The smoke from a fire can quickly spread throughout a large business. Fire sprinkler systems have the ability to reduce how much smoke is produced from a fire.

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